The illustration of this remarkable watchcock was sent to me by an English colleague. I do not know the source.

The actual cock is probably about 1½ inches from top to bottom The image was not of photographic quality and what you see here has been enlarged 250%, which does help determining the detail

Here is the image in the original size as I received it

We have a barnyard scene which we enter through a gate in a picket fence. A brick path will eventually lead us to a second gate. On our right is the farmer himself with his scythe over his shoulder. He appears to be enjoying some liquid refreshments. Just above him, judging by the horns, is a rather ugly bovine of some nature. The "U" shape to the extreme right may be a second beast or a harness for oxen.

To the left of the path are three sows perhaps at the trough.

The first of a few questions arises in and about the pigsty. Given the artist's incredible attention to detail, it's hard to believe that any available space was not used for illustrative purposes.

What do you think the foliate shape that extends from the path into the area below the pig sty might be? Doesn't it appear that the pigs are facing something more than just a trough?

Let's proceed up the path through a second gate in another fence. Here we can discern two distinct buildings. The larger one to the front and right appears to have windows. I would think it is the farmer's house, and the smaller building behind it is the barn.

The areas to the left and right of the two buildings are also problematical. To the left perhaps a pump, to the right some see the farmer's family.