The Coinon Collection

Consists of 660 exceptional watchcocks assembled early in the 20th century by one M. E. Coinon.(Research has yet to reveal who M. E. Coinon was.) The collection was cataloged, photographed, and prepared for publication by Tardy, (Henri Lengellé) author and publisher of the definitive four volume work: Clocks the World Over. Tardy never completed publication of Les Coqs de Montres (Watchcocks), but a few editions in folio remain.

My father, Charles Terwilliger, acquired this collection in the 1970's, but apparently disposed of it before he died in 1988.

I would very much like to know where this collection is, and I hope it is still intact.

The Title Page

I have made some photocopies of this folio edition. There are 32 pages including 16 plates. The text is in French.

Below are some links to scans of various pages. The original plates are not of photographic quality, however the photocopies are much better than the scans shown here. These are large images so please be patient.

  • PLANCHE I - FRANCE -- Renaissance à Louis XIII. (Early French Cocks)
  • PLANCHE III - FRANCE -- Louis XIV, 2e période. (Includes some beautiful enamel cocks.)
  • PLANCHE VI - FRANCE -- Louis XVI à Empire.
  • PLANCHE X -- Angleterre. (Early English cocks)
    • TEXT PAGE 22 The text opposite PLANCHE X, the above plate. It is essentially unreadable here
      and is included as an example only
      . The lower two-thirds of the page are references to individual cocks on each of three plates.
  • PLANCHE XI -- Angleterre. (English cocks)
  • PLANCHE XII -- Angleterre. (More English cocks)
  • PLANCHE XV -- Hollande. (Dutch cocks)

The photocopy of this collection of 660 watchcocks is available for $50 post paid. Note that the text is in French, and that the definition of the plates is not what we have come to expect today. (Perhaps why Tardy did not complete publication.) Personal checks are acceptable. Please mail payment to:

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