The designs on these pages were largely realized with DesignCAD 2-D,
    and its internal programming language, BasiCAD.

    • Six designs for a vertical dial on a board fence they all decline slightly east - along with the rest of the City of Miami.

    • A not quite direct west vertical dial for the Ingram residence here in Coconut Grove. The dial has amalemmas on the hour lines, and includes the curves and signs for the Zodiac. The dial declines 88.5 degrees west of south (like the rest of Miami).

    • A design for a simple vertical dial for the Happy Kids Child Care Center here in Miami

    Depictions of the Equation of Time

    • A mechanical device used in clocks with equation work, the kidney piece, essentially a circular equation chart.


    • The top face of a cube dial. 1.25" on a side. Includes altitude.

    • A drawing of two tools for laying out analemmatic dials.

    • A silly round dial with a big fat gnomon.

    Cute animation of an impossible occurance - Do you know why?

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