Bob Terwilliger

In 1994 I was one of three co-founders of The North American Sundial Society. Today it has become a thriving international scientific and educational institutuon. I served as the Society's Webmaster for ten years.
The Dialist's Companion is an essential accessory for dialists or others interested in phenomena associated with solar time. Written by Fred Sawyer and myself, it is shareware. Download as a self-extracting exe.
Some years ago an old clockmaker gave me a Polyhedral table dial. It looked like a 16th century Florentine piece - but I found out otherwise.
Examine The Laser Trigon - an instrument I built for laying out sundials. It throws new light on an ancient art.

Visit the Shadow Garden, where a large and unusual experimental sundial was built to explore the possibilities of the Laser Trigon.

Open the Black Book of my own sundial designs. I can provide a wide range of custom dials for the discriminating enthusiast with a sunny site.

See the indoor analemma, which took me a full year to make, and was completed on the 1996 winter solstice. (It wasn't done with mirrors.)

How about time-lapse photography of a gnomon's shadow as it marks its way through my back yard on a full sunny day

Hey!   My indoor analemma pages were linked by Astronomy Picture of the Day

A model of a free standing stained glass sundial
Designed and built in 1995.

More Interesting Sundials

A "Moorish Lighthouse" with a sundial - Coral Gables, Florida

A polar dial that tells standard time - The Lyman Briggs Memorial Dial

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